Monday, January 14, 2008

Tessa 'n' Bodhi...

Tessa 'n' Bodhi
Well, Tessa is 10 weeks today and we love her more and more every second! (if possible)
She is absolutely the sweetest little girl ever! She is in love with Bodhi, he is getting warmer and warmer towards her :)
My girlfriend had a "puppy shower" and gave Tessa a pink long john, so I took a pic for you :)
She is not that thrilled with it :(
She is up at 5am every morning, I'm trying to get her to sleep in till 6,,,,still working on that!
She is getting bigger and loves to be cuddled!
Thank you for this beautiful gift, we are blessed to have her!!!
I'll send you updates often!!!!

Tessa is a sable Cockapoo, born to Starlo's Tillie and Lil' Jingle Bells!

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