Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tillie's puppies at 5 1/2 weeks...

Tillie's puppies at 5 1/2 weeks!
Tillie's puppies are growing up so fast! Here are their 5 1/2 week will notice that the little sable boy is not sable. He is a black 'n' tan! And Tessa sure is adorable among the gold Christmas bells!!

Debbie said that it was hard taking the pictures by herself, with daughter Darla away at college in South Carolina! A couple of the puppies got a little too close to the camera...they were just wanting their "Cockapoo Hug"!

p.s. Tillie's Black 'n' Tan boy is named Max and her 1st Black 'n' White boy with the blue duck is Clancy!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Personalized Starlo's Cockapoo Items are HERE!!!

Send a photo of your Starlo's Cockapoo to Let us know if you want the whole picture or a cutout version and what product you want. You will be notified when they are ready.

In PJ's CafePress Gift Shoppe we are using the doggie t-shirt to set up this section. All the products that are available in the Starlo's Cockapoo Hugs section will be made available after the image has been created and agreed upon!

Janey Loree

p.s. Let me know if you want "Cockapoo Hugs" or your Cockapoos' name included in the image.

Start taking more pictures of your Starlo's Cockapoo!!!

Introducing "Cockapoo Hugs" Items...

This cute little cockapoo is Starlo's Sugar 'n' Spice, this image of her is found on Coffee Cups 'n' Mugs, T-Shirts, Caps, Tote Bags, Clocks, Aprons, Bibs, Pillows, Keepsake Boxes, Mouse Pads, a Coffee Coaster, a Calendar, Buttons, Magnets and a Dog the Starlo's Cockapoo section of PJ's CafePress Gift Shoppe!!!

Look for the personalize with your Starlo's Cockapoo section coming soon!!!