Friday, April 20, 2007

Successful Deliveries...

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Only four puppies left!

Buck and I had a successful trip delivering puppies along I5 ending up in West Lake Village, CA. We had a wonderful time at the Montanari's. Josie is the president of the CCA (Cockapoo Club of America). On our way home to Christmas Valley, OR., we stopped off in Taft, CA to visit our Aunt and Uncle and cousins.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Update on available Starlo's puppies...

Starlo's Kennels will be traveling to West Lake Village in Los Angeles next week! Let Debbie know before Monday, April 16th, if you would like your new Starlo's puppy brought down with her. Contact Debbie for more information on when she will be traveling through your area to set up a meeting place. You will need to travel to I5 to pick up your puppy. Below are pictures of the Starlo's puppies that are available. (Both of Lilly's puppies will not be traveling, they are too young.) Check out Starlo's Kennel's website for upcoming litters.

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