Saturday, July 21, 2007

Update to

Hi Everyone,

I am sending this email to you to let you know that your picture(s) that you sent of your Starlos Cockapoo has been added to the website and to share others with you. The following list includes the newest additions:

· Gus and Max running in sync on the Cockapoo Families Page

· Sully ‘n’ Fenway on the Red ‘n’ White Page

· Running Bear ‘n’ Pokie on the Cockapoo Families Page

· Penguin, Honey, Comet, Gus & Max on the Cockapoo Families Page

· Dash Maxfield on the Chocolate ‘n’ White Page

· Baloo Nicholisen on the Black ‘n’ Tan Page

· Luke Korman on the Buff Page

· Abby & Roxie Dillon on the Cockapoo Families Page

· Boo, Cooper, Hershey & Sully on the Cocker Spaniel Page

· Jia Sigona on the Buff ‘n’ White Page

· Zoe on the Black ‘n’ White Page

· Talula Gocke on the White Page

· Henry Yalcin on the Buff ‘n’ White Page

· Lucy Beiderman on the Sable ‘n’ White Page

· Chloe Mako on the Red Page

Other links of interest:

Litter Announcements

Available Puppies

Starlo’s Paw Prints Blog

Guestbook Page

Janey Loree


For available puppy information, contact Owner/Breeder Debbie Cowdrey.

To view her website...go to

Starlos Kennels

Home of Starlo’s CCA American Cockapoos TM

Starlo's Cockapoos, PO Box 2, Christmas Valley, OR 97641

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Update on Starlo's Fancy Fanny's 'n' Starlos Lil Jingle Bells Girls...

Cool Slideshows!

The newest little stars at Starlos Ranch include three adorable little girls. Their parents, Starlo's Fancy Fanny and Starlo's Lil Jingle Bell, couldn't be prouder! The girls are 15 days old already!! And as Jan from The Poodle (and Dog) Blog has pointed out...remember to take care of your dogs this 4th of July, be aware if they are frightened of the fireworks or not!