Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Puppy Care - Part 14 - Preventing Anxiety...


To get your pup used to staying alone, leave him in his crate and go off for varying periods of time, (whether you need to or not), starting with short periods and extending the time. Do not make a big fuss over him when leaving or returning (this is also the way to treat submissive urination). Turning on the radio to classical or soft music or a talk show is comforting.

Owners, especially of small cute fuzzy, appealing dogs like Cockapoos tend to forget they are dogs and use the dog to satisfy their need to nurture something to an excessive degree. The owner may have his/her own need satisfied but the dog sometimes becomes a spoiled, overfed, finicky, overly anxious dog with few boundaries. He will not be welcome anywhere because he constantly bothers everyone for attention, marks in their house, mounts peoples legs etc. The owner(s) create a situation where they feel they cannot go anywhere without their precious pooch, and limit their lives since dogs cannot go everywhere. You all know people like this and it is your choice about whether you want to be one of them or show real love for your dog by training him and teaching him manners.

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