Saturday, December 12, 2009

One Special Little Girl...

This little girl is Penny Joy Graham! She has helped a Corvallis, Oregon woman to be less homebound and safer...follow the link to "A Starlo's Star - Penny Joy's Story" to understand how special Starlo's Cockapoos can really be!! Penny Joy is a 2nd Generation CCA American Cockapoo born to Starlo's Trapper Brown and Starlo's Opal on January 28, 2009 at just the right time to be the perfect puppy for Cheryl Graham!!!
"She’s just a little soul, but she has a big job. A really big job! It’s not the kind of job that I chose her for and trained her to do. It’s a job that I’m certain God chose for her and equipped her with the natural skill to do it." Cheryl Graham ~ Corvallis, OR


~Donna said...

Oh my gosh, what an amazing story! I have tears in my eyes. This pup is the sister to my Moxie... I read the story to my seven year old and she got teary eyed too!! Sending prayers to Cheryl as she faces her challenges. I'm so happy that Penny and Cheryl found each other!

Janey Loree said...

Hi Donna! This IS amazing!!! Do you have a recent picture of Moxie that you would like to share? If you sent anything in the past and I have not posted it, please resend. :) (My computer has been on the blitz!)
Thanks for you comment and prayers!!!