Monday, January 26, 2009

Wrangler's First "Professional" Haircut...

Hi Debbie,
Here are the pictures of Wrangler after his first grooming!

Wrangler in his car seat. He settles right down and has learned to stay on his side!

Here is a good profile of him with his green kerchief.

I use this closeup as my desktop background at work.

He is peachy buff, silver grey, black & white!!!

I use this picture as my desktop background here at home!
t.t.y.l...luv ya,
Janey & Wrangler
oh...I have to tell you that Wrangler knows what the word "Snuggle" means! I worked with him about a week ago for about 5 minutes. Saying the word and holding his head next to my heart. Last night, I asked him to Snuggle and he laid his head on my shoulder. I thought maybe that was just a coincidence so I asked him four more times and each time he would lay his head on my shoulder!!! He's a love bug too!!!

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