Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pawnee's Little Wrangler...

Now I know first hand how adorable these little Cockapoos can be! From the time I first laid eyes on "Wrangler", at the airport, he has wiggled his way into my heart!! The ladies that brought him out to the lobby told me that I could leave him with them if I wanted to...NOT A CHANCE!!!

Wrangler is a 1st Generation, CCA American Cockapoo, born to Starlo's Pawnee and Starlo's Lil' Jingle Bell on March 10th. His sister is pictured in the last post!

I get to take him to work with me and he is a perfect angel. He stays in his crate quietly watching me until he gets to come out. He loves to sleep on his back and a couple of times I have looked over to find him and his little "goatee" upside down.

I will be making him a blanket, vest, cushion for his bed, leash, wild rag and halter out of "Wrangler" jeans! He will be riding on the "West of the Pecos Rodeo" Committee float during our 126th annual rodeo at the end of the month. I will take pictures to post!

Starlo's Webmaster & Wrangler, the Little Starlo's Cockapoo!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Janey, Wrangler

Today is the first time I seen the post about Wrangler coming to Texas.. :-) Love the photos. Miss giving him his belly rubs. :-)

Love Ya Debbie