Friday, March 28, 2008

Beautiful Sadie...

Hi, Debbie,

Jim and I acquired our cockapoo from you in early March 2007. She was barely 6 weeks old when we got her. If you remember, we picked her up from your brother-in-law in Yreka (or Ukiah, or Eureka, whichever one it was).

Anyway we had been planning to send pictures sooner than now, but we're finally getting around to it. We named our loved one "Sadie" -- she is just full of personality, so lovable, so friendly, doesn't bark unless she senses intruders/danger or when she is impatient for food. She does not like to be brushed, so we keep her fur short to prevent from matting. She is now about 16 pounds, and she (had) a birthday on January 19. I can't believe she's a (...) year old!

She is so precious to us... so thank you so much for breeding her.

Jim and Julie

Breeder's Notes: Sadie is a 2nd Generation, Sable 'n' White, CCA American Cockapoo. Her parents are Starlo's Abby and Starlo's Trapper Brown.

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