Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Great Rock Fortress by Marjorie A. Cowdrey

Marjorie A. Cowdrey
Christmas Valley, OR
The Great Rock Fortress
Children's Story
Copyright February 28, 1989

The Great Rock Fortress

Even Tygh, India's Father, being a brave man had a sudden feeling of fear and danger. A group of strange men were now approaching his camp. He went quickly in search of his old friend Paleo. He had to find Paleo and warn him of this fear for his family. He would tell Paleo to slip quietly out of camp with his Mother Nimka and his little daughter India.

Many times Tygh and Paleo had talked of doing just such a thing if ever trouble was to come to their camp. Tygh soon found Paleo. He caught Paleo's eye and Paleo knew tight away what he must do. He began to gather supplies. He would have to explain to India later why they had to leave so suddenly. Very quietly they slipped out of camp. They knew that they had to be very far from camp before they were missed.

Tygh might still be in some danger from these men but it was his duty to protect his family. He was doing what was best for them. He would not rest until these men left his camp. Then he hoped to meet up with his family again in the Northwoods. They were now on their way to a place that they were told that the mountains would meet with a dry desert. Here on this desert they would find a large rock fortress. Inside this fortress they would find safety.

There had been so many mountains to climb, so many, many streams to cross and they were now growing very tired. Paleo knew that they must keep moving until he could lead them all to a safe new home.


jan said...

Well written...and I love the line drawings.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, The Richardson family is very talented.
Debbie :-)