Sunday, September 09, 2007

Starlo's Litter Announcements...

I just found out yesterday that Starlo's Kennels is expecting three new litters!

  1. Starlo's Opal 'n' Starlo's Bam Bam are expecting a 2nd generation litter on October 22nd.
  2. While Starlo's Tillie 'n' Starlo's Lil Jingle Bell look forward to their 1st generation Cockapoos on November 5
  3. and Starlo's Sara Lee 'n' Starlo's Jim Dandy have to wait till November 10th to see their 1st generation litter!!

Use this link to connect to Starlo's Portfolio page to see their portraits. Just as soon as Debbie gets me pictures of Starlo's Tillie and Starlo's Sara Lee I will let you know that their portraits are posted on the website as well.

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