Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Maggie Mae's Litter Announcement...

Good Morning, Starlo's Maggie Mae has 5 beautiful girls:

1st Chocolate/white female at 2:24 am weight 6 3/8 oz
2nd Chocolate female at 3:30 am weight 8 1/8 oz
3rd Red female at 4:25 am weight 6 3/8 oz
4th Black female at 5:45 am weight 7 3/8 oz
5th Black female at 6:05 am weight 6 3/4 oz.
I am going to try and get a nap :-)
Have a good day.
Cockapoo hugs


Jackie said...

Thanks for the visit and vote. Always nice to have new visitors :)

Congrats on the new family. Looking forward to some photos.

Wow you do have lots of blogs...will have to do a tour as soon as I settle in (just back from a holiday at the coast).

Janey Loree said...

Hi Jackie! Thanks for commenting on Debbie's blog. She is new to the blogosphere and needs all the encouragement her fellow BLOG VILLAGERS can give her!

You will be welcome at any of my blogs when you get a chance.