Monday, February 26, 2007

A Red Starlo's Cockapoo named Smidgen!!!

Hello Debbie! I have been telling you how cute Smidgen has gotten and thought you should see for yourself!!!! Such a beautiful color and such a beautiful little girl......Still can't thank you enough for picking out such a doll for us!!!!!

Kathy in Cambria, CA

February 23, 2007

Breeder's Note: Smidgen is a 1st Generation Starlo's Cockapoo. Photograph by Kathy; Frame by Janey Loree/PJ's Corner.


jan said...

Outstanding picture!!! Janey from Notes sent me. Great blog, but I'm a little prejudice. :>)

Starlo's Kennels said...

Hi Jan! This is Janey Loree. I will be maintaining this blog for her. Thanks for stopping by. Smidgens' owner did a wonderful job taking this photo!!!