Saturday, October 14, 2006

Starlos Cockapoos bred for excellent health and temperament...

Starlo’s CCA American CockapoosTM

At Starlo’s Kennels we breed AKC registered American Cocker Spaniel dams

and AKC registered Toy Poodle sires chosen for excellent health

and temperament to produce only the finest quality Cockapoos.

Because Starlos Kennels is a Cockapoo Club of America Member

and meets or exceeds the strict requirements

that qualify our puppies as CCA American Cockapoos,

Starlos Cockapoos are included in the

CCA Registry to document the CCA American Cockapoo breed.

Our goal is to provide you with the perfect companion pet.

We are working on breeding down the generations of Cockapoos.

So, in the future, we will be breeding first, second, third and fourth

generation Cockapoos. Every twelve months, all of our dams and sires

have their eyes examined and certified free of genetic eye disease

by CERF (the Canine Eye Registration Foundation),

to insure healthy eyes for your beloved pet.

We certify our dogs to be free of genetic Patellar Luxation

with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

The dam and sires registered names,

AKC registration numbers,

CCA registration numbers or OFA ID numbers

are available upon request for verification through the OFA website.

Each Starlos Cockapoo puppy comes with supporting AKC registration documents

to prove their parentage, a pedigree tracing their heritage back

at least three or more generations,

CERF documents on the dam and sires eyes,

OFA documents on the dam and sire’s patellas,

and a one year health guarantee that your puppy

will be free of life threatening defects.

Debbie Cowdrey...Owner/Breeder of Starlos Cockapoos


Anonymous said...

This is a very good blog. Lots of information that is very important when purchasing a puppy and very good for people knowing that all of the testing of all the dogs is for their benefit. Thank you for putting this out there!!!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome, Testing is a very important issue in a breeding program.

Thank you for stopping by
Debbie Cowdrey
starlo's cockapoos